A production tradition spanning more than 100 years

Welcome to Biocel Paskov, a joint stock company which manufactures viscose pulp for the textile industry. The activities of Biocel Paskov follow on from those of the Vratimov pulp mill, which began operating in the northeast of the Czech Republic back in 1883. In Paskov we made sulphite pulp for the paper industry until 2012. Every year more than 90 % was exported to markets around the world.

Joining the Lenzing Group

In 2010, we became part of the multinational Lenzing Group, the world's largest producer of viscose fibres used mainly in the textile industry. With investments of more than two and a half billion crowns, we changed the technology used to produce paper to viscose pulp, improved our economic performance and took further steps to improve environmental protection. The new technology enables us to make even better use of wood mass.