Human Resources

Biocel Paskov has built its long-term business success mainly around its employees. For years, their experience, vast knowledge and initiative spurned on by loyalty to the company have been the key to the company’s prosperity. This was apparent during integration into the new organizational and process structures of the parent company. Employee flexibility has enabled these integration processes to run successfully in a relatively short time.

The company has 371 employees as of 01. 01. 2017.

The number and structure of employees correspond to goals set by the company several years ago, enabling Biocel to react flexibly to technological and conceptual changes. The company has enjoyed success with the two-year program of long-term, on-the- job training of selected students from VŠB Technical University of Ostrava, helping them to gain practical knowledge while studying.

Biocel Paskov appreciates its employees, which is also reflected in its nurturing of occupational safety and health protection. Providing quality meals is one of the important areas of caring for employees, and great attention remains focused on this aspect. The company supports cultural and sports activities of employees, and offers a two-year cycle of a benefit program called “Healthy Cafeteria”.