1883 First pulp production in Vratimov
1979 – 1983 Construction of new mill in Paskov
1983 The first pulp blow
1986 Fodder yeast production commences
1989 Testing of viscose pulp production
1991 Start of operation of bark boiler for biomass combustion
1992 Company privatized
1995 Bleaching plant rebuilt and TCF production commences
1997 Through modernization of line work and sorting, production increase program is completed, reaching 240,000 tons of pulp per year
2000 Record of bleached pulp production – 242 000 tons
2001 Integration to the HEINZEL GROUP®
2002 Introduction of the new company name Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s.
2004 Start of close cooperation with saw mill Mayr-Melnhof, an important source of sawmill chips.
2006 Intensification of pulp washing means higher operational capacity and increased production volume
2007 The highest annual production of pulp in the entire history of the company at 280 180 tons
– VIAN-PASKOV pulp fulffils requirements for SWAN labeled paper products
2008 During almost one-month-long plant shutdown the considerable reconstruction of regeneration boiler was done and a new washing press was put into operation
2010 Integration to the Lenzing Group
2011 Commencement of the Program of the technology conversion of the paper pulp to the dissolving pulp for the viscose fiber production
2012 Start of the 4th stage of secondary recovery and soda evaporator plant operation
2013 Start of the 2th regenerator boiler, soda boiler and 3th turbine
30th anniversary of Biocel Paskov
2014 Viscose pulp production of “Lyocell” quality for the new plant “Jumbo” use in Lenzing
2015 The new plant “Jumbo” in Lenzing increased volume of the Viscose pulp production of ”Lyocell” quality produced in Biocel Paskov almost to 40%.