About us

Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s. is a joint-stock company situated in Paskov, in the North Moravia region of the Czech Republic. The production of pulp in this region dates back to the end of the 19th century.

Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s. is a member of the Lenzing Group from the 2010. The Lenzing Group is the leading producer of cellulose fibers.

Dissolving pulp capacity: 260.000 t/p.a. air-dry

The volume of pulp production puts high demands on securing the amount of raw materials needed for it – wood mass. The company purchases spruce wood especially from domestic sources. Imports are from Slovakia, Poland, Belorussia. The percentage of purchased wood chips is aprox. 40%.

Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s. has international certification for the quality control of all its products in accordance with the standards of ISO 9002. The company has also been certified for conforming to environmental management implemented according to the standards of ISO 14001. Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s. was among the first companies to have received the “Safe Company” certificate from the Czech Institute for Occupational Safety. In October 2006 the company was certified for safety at work according to the standard OHSAS 18001:1999. In 2003 Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s. received certificates Chain of Custody and Good manufacturing practise.

In 2009 the company obtained the FSC® certificate (License code: FSC-C118737) for chain of custody CoC and controlled wood.

The number of employees in Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s. is 371 as per January 1st 2017.