Fodder yeast

 The fodder yeast VITEX is produced based on clean cultivation using a modern biotechnological process with a fermentation capacity that ranks among the largest in the world.

 The dried fodder yeast VITEX is delivered in 25 kg multi-layered paper bags, with 30 bags per palette. Each palette is tightly wrapped in folio to prevent damage to the cargo during delivery. Other types of packing include non-returnable cloth sacks, which contain 900 kg of the yeast. Fodder yeast can also be hauled freely in tankers.

  For storing the sacks in clean, dry and well-ventilated spaces VITEX has a warranty period of one year. For products packaged in sacks the warranty period is also one year.
Two-thirds of the fodder yeast product is exported.

 Use for the yeast

Fodder yeast VITEX is mainly used in the production of feeding mixtures for livestock and pet food for domestic animals.
VITEX is valued in the production of pet food, not only for its nutrition values, but also for its bonding abilities.
Thanks to its high content of ribonucleic acid, it also has its uses in the pharmaceutical industry.

The most recent feeding experiments have shown that the fodder yeast VITEX is fully usable as a substitute for the traditional protein feed when feeding livestock, such as pigs or broilers. Experts in the field of livestock feeding recommend including two sources of protein, which are Soya meal and fodder yeast. Fodder yeast has a positive impact on serviceability of the whole feed, it lowers the use of feed mixture per 1 kg of growth, which has beneficial effects on stock economy, and, last but not least, we can emphasize it improves the quality of coat. It was found that VITEX can successfully substitute scrap cake, as well as meat and bone meal, which is a forbidden component in many countries. Soya meal can only be partially substituted by VITEX.

Less recent studies show the possibility of using VITEX even for other types of livestock and domestic animals; however, it is suggested to modify the proportion of VITEX in feeding dosages in accordance to the type and age of animals.

 Technical parameters



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